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  News and Events

Seminar in Georgia

Nov 16, 2017

LIRA group of companies(Kiev, Ukraine) andSoftline(Tbilisi, Georgia) invite you to take part in seminar

«Application of LIRA 10 software in structural analysis»
The seminar will present reports on new features and capabilities of the software package LIRA 10. Also, current issues of structural modeling and analysis will be discussed.

Date:13 of December, 2017.

Place:The Biltmore Hotel Tbilisi

If you wish to participate in the seminar, you should register usingthe link.


Seminar will be held from 11:00 to 18:00


  1. Welcome speech.(5 minutes)Dmitry Vladimirovich Marchenko,
    LIRA 10 project lead
  2. SP LIRA 10: new capabilities and implementation specifics.(60 minutes)Dmitry Vladimirovich Marchenko
  3. New capabilities and short-term outlook ofSP LIRA 10calculation processors development.(40 minutes)Isaak Danilovich Evzerov, DScTech,
    LIRA 10 head of research
  4. Finite element analysis of steady-state heat transfer problem inSP LIRA 10.(15 minutes)Yuri Dmitrievich Geraymovich, Candidate of Technical Sciences,
    LIRA 10 project lead
  5. LUNCH

  6. Calculation methods for seismic analysis, that are implemented inSP LIRA 10.(45 minutes)Yuri Dmitrievich Geraymovich, Candidate of Technical Sciences
  7. Analysis of bridge structures inSP LIRA 10.(35 minutes)Yuri Dmitrievich Geraymovich, Candidate of Technical Sciences

  9. SP LIRA 10 in engineers hands (software demonstration).(60 minutes)Dmitry Vladimirovich Marchenko
  10. General discussion. Answers to the questions.(40 minutes)
  11. DINNER

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